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It wasn’t narcissism that urged Billy Beane, then and now, general manager of the Oakland A’s to adopt a new method to analyze players for the 2002 MLB draft.  It wasn’t boredom, a desire to change the game, or even curiosity.  It was necessity.  Beane and the A’s 

“Count-down’s on,” the auctioneer proclaims through rapid fire twang.  A sharp sizzle cuts the air as a wad of beef hits the griddle in a nearby food cart, and the buyer’s insides begin to crackle and hiss likewise.  He tries to mask his nerves with a partial slouch against a dusty Cavalier and a steady tug on his ball cap.  As the auctioneer leans from his window for one last sweep across the sun burnt focused faces, the buyer’s stomach lurches.  He closes his eyes and steadies himself with a silent mental count:  3… 2… 1…

Dealing with 50 different state jurisdictions produces the confusion of coping with a wide variety of title laws.  It’s in the best interest of each insurance company to be sure someone is responsible for researching the title laws in the jurisdictions where business is conducted, and applying the knowledge gained from a full understanding of the individual states’ title laws.  That specific knowledge can be a benefit to the business, depending on the approach taken regarding 

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