At MAST our goal is to maximize returns through the auction process.  By studying your inventory, understanding the marketplace, and employing our 20 years of salvage auction expertise, we identify opportunities for return increases on a car by car basis.
      Like these... 
In 2013, these individual vehicle return increases netted an additional $2 million to our customers. where exactly do these gains come from?

2010 Ford Focus

from $2,200.00 (21.9% gross)

      to $3,000.00 (29.9% gross)

$800.00 gain

2008 Harley Davidson FLHX

from $4,700.00 (25.8% gross)

      to $6,500.00 (35.7% gross)

$1,800.00 gain

Complete Inventory Review

We start with experienced personnel, familiar with the many variables that affect salvage returns, reviewing your inventory in its entireity.   That means we evaluate each vehicle taking note of condition, damage extent, and overall vehicle presentation in preparation for the upcoming sale.

Determine Market Value

As we review each vehicle, we determine an anticipated return or essentially a fair market auction value for every vehicle.  This value is driven by a myriad of variables including vehicle make and model, buyer demand, geographic market strength, and overall condition.  With a fair market value recorded for each vehicle prior to auction, we're able to make effective and calculated sell or no sell decisions during the course of a live auction.

Review Auction Results

MAST monitors auctions both in person and online to ensure the best possible returns are reached on each vehicle.  This allows us to more effectively gauge buyer interest and better identify opportunites for return increase.  We make decisive calls to sell or reject bids during the course of the auction to ensure timely decisions for both bidders and sellers, which is appreciated by all parties involved.

Negotiate Final Sale

The end goal of the MAST process is to efficiently and effectively move inventory.  At the end of the day, we sell your cars.  We make careful and calculated decisions throughout our sale oversight to ensure the best possible return numbers for our customers without significantly impacting cycle time.  We attempt to balance all this without disrupting local markets and maintaining quality relationships with buyers and auction yard personnel, which in turn drives the best possible environment for future quality returns.